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Service Line Replacement in Northeastern Ohio

What Can Damage My Line?

For any appliance in your home, service lines will slowly corrode over time. Plant roots, especially those from trees, cause this process to accelerate by pushing into the pipes. This, along with shifting soil, can also cause the pipes to move or bend. This causes small leaks and weakens the pipes. It is important to have this damage inspected as quickly as possible.

Common Signs of a Leak

If you smell rotten eggs, hear hissing sounds or notice odd patches of dead vegetation in your yard, leave your property immediately. Do not turn on anything that may cause a spark, such as your car or electronics.

In addition to a burst pipe, some signs of a water or sewage line leak include sinkholes or standing water in your yard as well as pooling waste near your home’s drains.

Water, Sewer and Gas Line Replacement

Line Repair and Replacement

If you suspect a leak, ABC Drain & Plumbing can help you locate the leak and repair or replace your lines. In addition, we are able to inspect your lines on a regular basis to stop leaks before they happen. For more information or to schedule your repairs, contact ABC Drain & Plumbing.


Some of your old pipes may be buried deep in the ground or in a location that is hard to reach. Rather than having to hire a separate company to reach them, ABC Drain & Plumbing also provides excavation services for your convenience. Our team has been trained on proper excavation techniques for optimal safety and minimal damage to your yard.

Emergency Services

A broken line can be hazardous for you and your family. As soon as you notice the first sign of a damaged line, contact ABC Drain & Plumbing. Our professionals can advise you on what to do before their arrival. Once we are there, our technicians will fix your issue quickly and efficiently. We are available for help 24 hours a day.