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Main Drain Cleaning in Northeastern Ohio

Main Drain Clogs

Many times, a clog in your plumbing system can be traced back to the main drain. All kinds of materials are constantly being washed into your drains. From hair and soap to grease and food leftovers, many things can cause your main drain to be clogged.

Symptoms of a Blockage

A simple sign that you may have a clogged main drain is if your other plumbing fixtures are working properly. If you have multiple drains that are clogged or if they clog on a regular basis, your main drain may be the root cause. Since all drains run through your main drain, a blockage there can affect many other plumbing features in your home.

Thorough Cleaning

Our plumbing experts have the latest tools, technology and expertise to clear away the most tenacious buildups. When you call ABC Drain & Plumbing, you can trust that our drain cleaning procedures will be done properly, safely and cleanly. Our professional services are able to remove tree roots, rust, grease and other gunk from your main drain quickly and completely.

Main Drain Cleaning

Avoid Future Problems

Our comprehensive main drain cleaning also allows you to avoid future plumbing problems as well. A clean main drain provides better drainage for all your plumbing fixtures. This helps prevent a clogged toilet or the backflow of sewage water into your home. Contact ABC Drain & Plumbing to schedule your appointment today.

Avoid Commercial Products

Many commercial products will temporarily remove the clog you are experiencing. However, these products also cause unnecessary damage to your pipes. If you use these products, especially multiple times within a year, your pipes will experience accelerated corrosion. Keep your pipes working their best by calling our technicians.

Emergency Services

When you have a drain cleaning emergency, time is of the essence. That’s why, at ABC Drain & Plumbing, you can reach us 24 hours a day to schedule your drain cleaning. If you find yourself in an emergency plumbing situation, call us for fast, professional services.