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Aging In Place? 5 Plumbing Modifications You Need

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If you have decided to age in place, you need to get your home ready. Aging in place allows you to remain in your own home, rather than make the transition to an assisted living community.
Aging in place will require you to adjust your home, especially in the bathrooms. Your risk of bathroom-related injuries increases as you age. You can adjust your home with modifications you will need to help you avoid bathroom-related injuries. Here are five plumbing modifications you will need for your home.

1. Switch to a Walk-In Bathtub

When you have mobility issues, getting in and out of the bathtub can be difficult. Stiff joints and muscles can make lifting your legs over the edge of a standard tub nearly impossible. Walk-in tubs have built-in doors that allow you to enter the tub without the high sidewalls to catch your feet on.
Walk-in bathtubs also provide a comfortable seating area that provides safety and stability while you bathe. The seal-tight door gasket prevents leaking. If you deal with arthritis pain on a daily basis, the whirlpool function of your walk-in bathtub will help alleviate the discomfort.

2. Add a Zero-Threshold Shower

If you prefer to shower, you may still have a problem stepping over the elevated threshold. You can install a zero-threshold shower that will eliminate the problem altogether.
Zero-threshold showers require no shower pan, which provides a smooth transition into the shower area and is a feature that is beneficial when you require the use of a shower chair. If you prefer to not use your shower chair, you can install a bench in your zero-threshold shower.

3. Include Adaptive Toilets

As you age, your risk of toilet-related injuries increase. Many of those injuries occur when you try to sit down or get up from the toilet.
One way to avoid those injuries is to install a grab bar next to the toilet.
Another way is to install an elevated toilet in your bathroom. The additional height will make using your toilet easier.
The flush handle is another area that can cause problems as you age, especially if you suffer from arthritis in your hands. Make flushing easier by choosing a toilet that has push-button flush.

4. Install Motion-Sensor Faucets

Motion-sensor faucets are another excellent addition for your bathroom. These faucets allow you to activate your faucets without the use of your hands, which is beneficial when you suffer from arthritis or other issues relating to finger and hand dexterity.
If you would prefer, you can also install foot-controlled faucets in your bathroom. In addition, for aging in place, you should modify the faucets in your kitchen, as well.

5. Add Multi-Level Dual Sinks

Bathroom sinks are another bathroom fixture that you will need to adjust if you age in place. Your standard height sinks may be a comfortable reach right now, but that might change as your mobility changes.
One way to accommodate future mobility issues is to make some changes to your existing sinks. Multi-height dual sinks will allow you to have one standard-height sink while adding a lower sink that will address future needs. This adjustment is also beneficial when you share the bathroom with someone with different mobility concerns.
If you have decided to age in place, now is the time to prepare your home for the transition. Contact us at ABC Drain & Plumbing today to discuss the adjustments you will need to make to your bathroom. The adjustments you make to your home will allow you to remain safe and comfortable as you age in place. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have.